Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Apologies

Well, it turns out that some of you are actually reading my words of wisdom. My words of humor, my words of adventure. Or something like that.

Word has gotten back to me that some readers have had difficulty accessing the comments page. (Thank you Rex Holiday!)

So, after some investigatory journalism, I think I have figured out how to enable the ability for you guys to post your own words of wisdom, humor and adventure. Now, a computer genius I do not claim to be. If it still doesn't work, drop me an email at (Yes, it is the longest email address known to man but it is really easy to remember so put that in your pipe and smoke it.)

This is the portion of today's entry that I will create anticipation so intense, you will need a nerve pill to calm down. We are planning. Planning something huge. Something that will make little kids pee their pants and adults long for the days that it was socially acceptable to pee theirs. Check your local paper or back here next week to find out what it is.

Drum roll please.......................

Monday, November 21, 2005

There's no place like home....

Dorothy had it all figured out.

Sorry I have been slacking on the blog. After fighting an ear infection and jet lag, I think I am almost back to my blog writing self. (Well, until I hurt myself hanging Christmas decorations and am now currently walking with a limp. But that's a different story for a different blog.)

AFM went great! We have several offers for different levels of distribution on the table. We are currently weighing our options and deciding what is going to be the best route to take for the film.

Interesting story...we get back to town and find out from one of our employees that an ad that we had taken out in a national trade magazine is on sale on ebay!!! Apparently, there are companies who when they think a film is going to do really well, will attempt to sell anything about the film in it's beginning/middle stages because it can be a collector's item. The publisher of one of the national trade magazines called me and informed me that they are thinking of making a new tag line for their magazine that says, "Buy us, we have the "When I Find the Ocean" ad." He was laughing so hard because his magazine is $5 at newsstands and the ad is going for about $7 on ebay.

I must say a very Happy Birthday to our executive producer Tom Rogers. We love you dearly and wish you the best on your special day!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Clutz in California

What a day, what a day!

Ok, last night, I lost my wallet. That's my lively-hood. My driver's license, my credit cards, my debit card, etc, etc, etc. After alerting two hotel security teams, front desks, and two different sets of housekeeping teams, I found my wallet in my bag. You know, the one I emptied 2 or 3 times to find the dang thing.

Terry Pace, who is here volunteering for the Alabama Filmmakers Association, lost his cell phone the first day, BUT we think this was a "deliberate" subconscious attempt to rid himself of contact with mainstream society. His wife is really thrilled.

I then tripped over the mat on my way into the market today. Not to mention that I fell the first day and bent my badge and I am the butt of endless jokes about being a clutz. Sad day for me. The security guard I tripped in front of seemed very concerned about my well being. What a nice guy.

Everything is going great. Our team is working together seamlessly to make this happen. Buyers who view this film comment on how beautiful it is...some even cry!! Kenny made the suggestion that we sell the film in exchange for the Santa Monica ferris wheel. Kenny's a funny man.

Last night, we had our first AFM disaster. Our first screening of the film. We were all so excited, so pumped about what a great film we have, how great it's going to be in the marketplace, blah blah blah. We sit down to watch this beautiful film, only to have the sound MESS UP! When I say mess up, I mean sound like the speakers blew up. But we had a great audience who seemed to be understanding. The AFM Staff has been so great helping to correct the damage done.

Well fellow supporters of Cypress Moon and When I Find the Ocean, we appreciate your love, support and prayers. Tune in next time for the next entry entitled: Distribution...Has the journey taken a new path?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are you kidding me???

(I promised to name this entry as are you kidding me but the only problem is, I can't think of anything to say b/c I have two angry men behind me fist fighting for this computer. Ok, maybe not fist fighting but definitely. breathing heavily and some stomping of feet. I mean, come on, are you kidding me??? Let a girl type!)

We have arrived. After a wonderful flight, (thanks to our fun-loving flight attendants-Thanks guys!), we arrived safely in beautiful California. Our office is set up and today the market officially opened. Everyone is so impressed with our marketing campaign and we have garnered a lot of interest in this film.

I am currently standing in the buyer's lounge typing this and there is a line of about 15 people waiting for this computer. So, as to not cause an international riot, I will end make this a short session.