Thursday, December 22, 2005

After party....

Cypress Moon Studios. Home of the holidays. The epicenter for all things festive.

Yes, our Christmas party rocked.

Who knew that a combined team effort between Big River Broadcasting and ourselves could produce such a bad A double s party?

Apparently we did.

Although the final count is not known, our turnout was overwhelming. The characters were abundant and the food and beverage flowed like milk and honey. It was so great to share a great evening with friends and colleagues. Every room/corner/nook/crany looked like Santa had thrown up there. (Yes, this has become one of my favorite new ways to describe extravagant Christmas decorations.) The food was excellent (thank you Local Color Catering!).

So, you may have noticed that our website is somewhat missing. Well, I wish I could tell you why. And hopefully after our super secret CIA covert operation is complete, I will be allowed to release that information to you (but most of it will be blacked out citing our need to protect national security). Stay tuned and check in frequently. We will be back up and running in no time. Fear not, we would not leave you with no entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, I know something you should all do on March 4, 2006. There is this little party at the Shoals Marriott Convention Center that should be worth looking in to.


Buy your ticket soon or there will be none for you (imagine me saying that in a very authoritative voice; yeah, it scared me too).


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