Monday, January 09, 2006

Another cold morning....

So, I am sitting here with our Executive Director of Security, Ray Sergeant, as he attempts to change my office from the arctic tundra to a more suitable climate. Yes, once again the P.R. office has come under attack from the vent gods. For some reason, my office refuses to let heat in. I don't understand or condone the frigid temperatures in my little corner of the universe, but I guess until I offer a sacrifice of a work order, I will continue to suffer under the unjustified assault against my office.

For those of you not in attendance for the Jerry Lee Lewis concert, you missed a great time! Let me tell you, the stories of conga lines and hilarious gyrations from the enthused audience will stick around for a long time.

Also, like I promised, our website is back! Our covert operations succeeded and we now have a new address:

Our corporate email has changed so if any of you need anything, check out the Contact page for any updated information.


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