Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Golden Rule

I've been thinking.

And although that sounds like a scary thought to many of you, I want you to reminisce back to the days of honor. When a man's word was sometimes the only asset he had to offer. What has happened to the days of verbal agreements, between friends no less, being enough?

As I look around my environment, I realize that the days of honor are dwindling. Now, I'm not saying that people should enter into any and all contracts on verbal agreements. Yes, it is important to have things in writing. Yes, it is important to have lawyers confirm contracts and file them away for safe keeping. But what happened to the day that verbal promises were as iron clad as a pre-nuptial agreement with Donald Trump?

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am getting sick and tired of unethical business practices. Why is it so hard for people to not honor what they said they would do? Simply put in the most southern way I can think of: Why won't people just act right?

Has the idea of the golden rule become such a foreign concept to us that we are not willing to look at its wisdom as one of the most simplistic schools of thought on doing business? Are we so jaded in the richest empire in the world that we have to continue down paths of greed, jealousy and betrayal to accomplish our end result?

I think it's pathetic that the mark of a good business person is the end result, not how they got there. I watch good, decent people lose their business everyday because they are not willing to cut corners and forgo the rules.

As I stand high on my soap box, I would like to finish my rant with a quote:

"A man's character is his fate."
-Heraclitus (540 BC-480 BC)


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