Monday, February 06, 2006

and I can't find my way home.....

Ok so we made it home from Sundance.


We got stranded for like 6 hours at the Memphis airport. So during our hours of estrangement from our original schedule, we made new friends.

Now, although my parents told me not to talk to strangers, that little lesson never seemed to stick. I listened to the ones about not doing drugs, not getting arrested, you know, the obvious ones. And had it not been for my complete dismissal of this rule, I probably would still be at the Memphis airport contemplating my lot in life.

So we (myself, Tonya and Kenny) met some really great people. There is Tracy, who works locally in Florence as a sales manager and also owns her own animal boarding service. There is Tricia, who lives in L.A. but is from Sheffield and is a crude oil trader for Exxon Mobile (yes, I asked a ton of questions about the oil crisis). There was Brett that works for FEMA. He is an environmental specialist who after doing consulting work is helping clean up New Orleans. (Good Luck to you Brett!)

See, I would never have met these people had I listened to my parents.

And Tracy, the genius, rented a mini-van, and we (Tracy, Tricia, Tonya, Kenny and myself) all rode to the Shoals together. Possibly the most random thing any of us has ever done. It was fun! I like strangers. Except for the really creepy ones that kidnap you and stuff. They are no good.

So that was part of our adventure home. Sundance went great. We met tons of people and learned a lot about this machine called film festival. Now we are focusing on the premiere, which if you have been living under a rock is March 4, 2006. Hopefully I will be seeing all of your bright, smiling, beautiful faces there. It is going to be a great night. I promise. I'll even bet you. A yankee dime. Does anyone know what a yankee dime is? My parents use to try to trick me with that when I was younger. They also told me that Santa was real and that there was an invisible babysitter named Pat in the middle seat of the car that would beat me and my brother if we didn't quit fighting....I am starting to see a pattern here......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do like your story. God did put people out there that are good. I'm glad you MADE it out of Memphis. I lived there 10 yrs way too long; and that was in the 80s. I wouldn't try to even trust being in a bus station or the Airport in Memphis at all now days. All of that area around Elvis Presley Blvd. to Germantown is nothing but drugs, gangs, you name it. My daughter was born there. Just don't talk to too many strangers. Good luck in all the movies.

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